World’s smallest electric concept bike by Santhosh

Moosshiqk is the worlds smallest electric bike build by Santhosh from Mysore.
This is the first Indian electric concept bike that has garnered international attention and applause.

Santhosh – Love of Bikes

Santhosh was born in Moodbidri, Karnataka and moved over to Mysore when he was a kid. His dad Jeevandhar was a big influence in Santhosh’s life.
He was an avid bike enthusiast and this rubbed on Santhosh at a very young age. Santhosh has participated in several bike rallies in India and specifically two rallies in the Himalayas.

Santhosh in Himalayan Rally
Santhosh in Himalayan Rally

Moosshiqk – World’s smallest electric bike

Santhosh’s love for bikes and his creativity has made him build miniature electric concept bikes.
He first created the world’s smallest electric bike ‘Moosshiqk’ (meaning mouse).
Moosshiqk is capable of running at 15 kms/hr and can fit in a school bag. At 12 inches height and 18 inches wide it can carry a person weighing 62 kilos.

Moosshiqk - World's smallest electric bike
Moosshiqk – Image courtesy

Moosshiqk – The World’s smallest electric bike

Moosshiqk – Laurels

Nisttarkya – India’s first concept electric bike

Santhosh has also introduced a new electric concept bike Nisttarkya (meaning Unimaginable) last year. Nisttarkya drives on 36 V, 350w motor. It is powered by rechargeable batteries. Nisttarkya might not be suitable for road conditions and is a concept bike.

Nisttarkya – A new electric concept bike

Be Passionate and Persevere

Santhosh is a great example for youngsters today. We at would like to showcase people like Santhosh so many more are inspired by his passion, hard work and perseverance.

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