Need Weight Loss Inspiration? Here is how a man did it through Yoga

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Video: Arthur’s is a Weight Loss Inspiration

Arthur Boorman was a disabled para trooper veteran of the first (1990-91) Persian Gulf War. Both his knees and back were badly injured in a fall and doctor told him he could never walk again. Arthur slowly started gaining weight (297 lbs/134 kgs). He could only walk using crutches and leg braces. He needed to wear a back brace, and needed help to do the simplest tasks like dressing himself. He had sleep apnea and was a prime candidate for a stroke or a heart attack or worse.

He one day decide he wanted to change his life and kept searching for something or someone who would help him lose weight. That was when he started Diamond Dalas Page Yoga. When he started, he needed a chair for balance and straps to hold myself in many of the positions. He was determined, to get back up again and keep at it and eventually to regain control of his life.

In 8 months due to Arthur’s determination and hard word, he was running again.

arthurs weight loss through yoga
Image: Before
arthurs weight loss through yoga
Image: After

His story is a great inspiration, not just for people trying to lose weight but also to everyone who gives excuses to not achieve what they want in life.