Waste No Food – A Simple Way To Solve Food Waste [Video]

While at an Indian wedding have you ever wondered what happens to all the excess food? Padmanaban Gopalan did and started “No Food Waste”.
“Feed People, Not Landfills” is the main idea of No Food Waste, a non-profit organization based in India dedicated to recycling food by giving them to the people who need it the most.
It’s understandable to prepare in excess during special, one-of-a-kind occasions such as weddings. In India, there are about an average of 125 plates of fresh food per wedding. The problem is, more and more people in India are going hungry each day, living in the streets and in poverty.


Image: Padmanaban Gopalan – source – Deccan Chronicle

Padmanaban Gopalan is a pioneer who has come up with an idea to feed the hungry across India. Instead of wasting food, why not collect the fresh, untouched leftovers from weddings and deliver them to the poor? This movement sparked the creation of No Food Waste. Volunteers came and picked up surplus food from parties, weddings and momentous occasions to deliver to hunger spots in cities such as Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Tanuku, Tadepalligudem, Delhi NCR, Tiruchirappalli and Erode. Government-run hospitals, dump yards, people living in old age homes, slums and orphanages are the recipient of fresh food that has been prepared for special occasions.

Video: Feed People, Not Landfills source – Great Big Story

The concept that food is scarce is untrue- we just don’t know how to distribute the ones that we have in excess. No Food Waste serves as a bridge to people who wish to give their surplus food from events to those who are hungry in food-stricken cities. The organization manages to do two good things- first, recycling food via collection of surplus food to be distributed, and second, wasting food is minimized because it goes straight to hungry mouths.

One man was brave enough to act upon a growing issue that was plaguing his country. With the help of volunteers and hours of hard work, they were able to fill a basic need. The smiles coming from the orphans, the children living in the streets, the displaced families and the poor are both precious and priceless!