Using technology to bridge the knowledge gap – Evidyaloka

Evidyaloka – Bringing talented and quality teachers,from urban areas to the rural students

The Evidyaloka organization can be described as a revolutionary and selfless entity that promotes rural education in parts of India that really needs it. It is a non-profit enterprise founded by Statish Viswanathan and Venkat Sriraman. Through the use of technology, these two men have established a network of volunteeers and donors who contribute to education charity which would otherwise be lacking. They also give new meaning to the right for free education and provide this with digital class rooms.

India is need of reaching rural areas. There are simply not enough teachers to cover all the bases and Evidyaloka has taken the initiative to bridge this gap. According to the founders, the world is filled with talented and quality teachers, which is why they implore local communities in India to embrace digital classrooms. There is no need to simply focus on teachers within India when everyone around the globe can make a life changing contribution.

Changing Lives of 1000s

In essence Evidyaloka provides children with qualified teachers, interactive lessons and textbook materials online. Since 2010, 2715 classes have been given, 1640 volunteers have become part of the organization and 860 students are currently benefiting from their work. There is no doubt that Evidyaloka is going to reach hundreds more, but they need the necessary support. The site is filled with information regarding the educational system, the latest updates and statistics, how volunteers can contribute and what still needs to be done.

Image: Class in progress

For students like those from the Forest Department’s tribal middle school, Evidyaloka has become the center of their learning process. The remote classes have truly empowered them in a way that wouldn’t normally be possible. When volunteers who helped with weekend classes saw the enormous need for a good education, they teamed up with Evidyaloka.

Evidyaloka is truly making a difference for the children in rural India by giving them the power of knowledge without any boundaries and it’s one of the most novel ideas in education.

You can volunteer 2 hours of your week and teach children or donate. Please visit their website –