For Once You’ll Love A Politician, U T Khader Health Minister’s Selfless Act

U.T. Khader, the Karnataka health minister did something very selfless for strangers on Sunday, July 6, 2014. The minister, who is a devout Muslim, was on his way to Namaaz prayers, something Muslims do before breaking their fast during Ramada, when he witnessed an elderly couple who had been involved in an automobile accident.

The health minister had his driver stop his official car, and went to check on the couple to see if they were okay, upon realizing that they needed medical attention, Khader asked his driver to take the couple to K.G. Hospital in Malleshwaram, where they can receive proper care and attention for their injuries, he then called the hospital to notify them that the couple was on their way there, and they should be attended to once they arrive.

After sending his driver to take the injured couple to the hospital in his official car, the minister then got on an auto rickshaw, and continued his journey to the mosque, to pray before breaking his fast that day. The injured couple sustained head injuries, but are listed in stable condition, their condition would have been worse had the minister not come across them and offered his car to help them get medical attention.

In these types of situation, people generally watch what is going on, while others call for an ambulance to the scene of the accident, health minister Khader took the initiative of accessing the situation, and realized the couple needed immediate help, so he made the best out of a poor situation by offering them his car and driver, without even considering how he would get to his destination. He did what any decent human is supposed to do, which is to help his fellow humans whose lives were in danger, which is a very commendable act.

The most impressive part of this selfless act is that minister Khader made it to his prayers by hiring an auto rickshaw, most elected officials have big egos and feel that public transportation is beneath them because of their social status, but U.T. Khader isn’t one of those people, his priority was to get the injured to the hospital quickly and safely, and after helping them, he knew he had to find another way to get to the mosque, and did the sensible thing by hiring an auto rickshaw.

In a time where politicians and elected officials look out for their own personal interest, rather than that of the people that helped them get into office, it is refreshing to see someone who cares more about the well being of others, that their well being. U.T. Khader’s selfless act is very inspiring and should renew people’s faith in humanity; he is the true definition of a hero.

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