Toybank – Placing a toy in the hands of every child in India

Different people were born with different destinies into different economic conditions. Charity has always been one very effective way of giving people who are less privileged a sense of belonging by providing them with some basic means of livelihood which they cannot provide for themselves. There are several charity organizations and NGOs out there doing one or two things to make our world better, but some are doing things that were never thought of as ways of giving the less privileged in our midst a sense of belonging. One of such non-profit organizations that have taken it upon themselves to put smiles on frowning faces is the the charity organization Toybank. Toybank has been providing kids whose parents are either dead and therefore cannot buy them toys or are too poor to have extra money to afford toys for their kids. Since August 14, 2004, Toybank has been providing less privileged kids with lots of fun activities and place for using toys.

What is Toybank?

Toybank an NGO is the brainchild of the Indian-born engineer Shweta Chari which she conceived in a local restaurant in Bombay. Over the ways, this dream has grown from one person’s little dream to something really big and productive where several volunteers help put smiles on the faces of kids who have been battered by poverty to the extent that they cannot afford to have any toy they can rightfully call their own.

Toy Bank
These volunteers help gather toys from more economically stable homes and distribute them among these poor Bombay kids. Some toys are however not accepted by Toybanks. Toys that promote violence like guns and swords are not accepted , broken toys are not accepted, dolls are not accepted as a way of discouraging discrimination. The toys are then arranged according to the ages of the children whom they are meant for,wrapped in beautiful gift papers and distributed to the excited kids, most of whom are getting their first toys since they were born.

Toybank believes in upholding good conducts and morals in children which informs the distribution of decent and morally correct toys to children in India. The dream of Toybank is to put a toy in the hands of every poor kid in India. Toybank has expanded their toy distribution activities in the Indian towns of Banglore and Poona. Toybank is of the opinion that toys play important roles in shaping a child’s psyche and affections, so every child deserves a toy,their poor background notwithstanding. Toybank has proved that there is something everyone can do to make the world a better place, no matter how small or insignificant.