The Childrens Home of Hope, Chennai – Bringing hope for the neglected

The Childrens Home of Hope (CHOH) in Chennai is a residential home for orphans, destitute children of lone parents, and wholesome children of parents with leprosy. CHOH was founded in 1970 by the late Mrs. Lily Prabhakar in the southern town of Chennai. It currently dwellings 100 orphans, with the vast most of them being young women. Most of the scholars are actually chasing school degrees or assisting occupational schools.

The Children's Home of Hope, Chennai

Home of Hope Funding aims at:

  • More staff for the new facility (10 employees and 4 or 5 new school teachers)
  • Education and living costs for 23 residents as they chase higher learning
  • Better security and housekeeping services for the new building

The Childrens Home of Hope has been a boon to girls like Kamala. At the age of seven, she assured her despairing nearly-blind mother not to kill herself by undertaking to take care of both her mother and her sister. She discovered the Children’s Home of wish and through them was able to get the support to the entire school and go on to get a nursing diploma.

Today, she works as a trained nurse, and has more than fulfilled her promise to her mother. Sashima is another achievement article. She originally came to the home as a forsaken orphan, but today she donates back to the school by assisting as a kindergarten educator and simultaneously chasing her bachelor’s degree.
CHOH also operates a hostel and prime school with six educators for children from poor families.

Through various donations, CHOH recently constructed and opened a three-story, 20,000 square-foot new facility. The new light-filled construction encompasses a melodies room, a dance studio, distinct floors in bedrooms and school rooms, distinct rooms for the library and computer lab, added toilet amenities, a private locality for the educators, and a rooftop locality for sports. Home of Hope first became engaged with CHOH in 1998. When Nilima Sabarwal first discovered it, the poor hygiene and unsanitary situation had initiated a rampant outbreak of gastroenteritis.

Timely intervention from Home of Hope helped eradicate the debilitating infection. Since 1998, HOH has donated $333,000 to CHOH, which has financed food, clothing, education, employee salaries and administrative overhead; a health clinic and dispensary with a 10-bed infirmary; publications, magazines, art provision, TV and DVDs; stitching appliances for vocational training; and structures for sport activities.

The Children’s Home of Hope – Projects

Home of Hope started in 1999, and has sponsored and assisted 18 projects and positions and over 10,000 children. The philosophy behind the starting of the nonprofit association is that each progeny is prized.
We believe that although our monetary assistance to each task are not in the millions of dollars range, our $5,000 to $100,000 donation to these projects have changed and uplifted the life of numerous children in an affirmative way.
Today Home of Hope is carrying eleven organizations, in which we also called them “Projects”.
In each task, we are directed by the philosophy of how we find out it, what did we do about it, how we consign our services that make an impact, and what is the future design.