Team Everest – How you can contribute to society 1 day a month.

We are all busy with our work and family. Our day starts 7 am and ends around 8 pm on the weekday and weekends are for family and fun. We have no time, so how do we contribute to the society? How do I help the people who are less fortunate than I am? Volunteering! Team Everest is one such organisation that helps volunteers get in touch with organisations that need them.


The founder of Team Everest is C Kartheeban. He founded this organization in 2006 the very first year he joined a job. He was just twenty two years old when he founded this organisation. He spoke about this idea to his friends and together they collected Rs 4000 from their first month’s salary. They bought books, stationaries and uniforms and donated it to students in the Sirumoor rural school in Tamil Nadu. Today they have grown many fold and help several thousand children in several areas around India.

c Kartheeban Everest

The idea came from his own background. Coming from a lower middle class family but studying in a school where majority of the students have been living a luxurious life, he had the chance to get familiar with these two different life styles. He felt the students from poorer schools should also get the opportunities that private schools provide.

Image: C Kartheeban, the founder of Team Everest

Team Everest – What they do

Team Everest have today grown from strength to strength with their strong volunteering force. Team Everest provides several services and benefits to the people and communities with lesser opportunities. There are many great things that can be associated with this organization. They do

• Movie screening
• Puppet show
• Science Awareness Session
• Computer Session
• Dictionary Session
• Talent Search Competition
• Orphanage Visit
• Magic Show
• Moral Session
• Logical Thinking Session
• Maths Session
• Educational Tours
• Fun Day
• Old Age Home Visit
• Sponsorship for Students

They also conduct periodic talent contests. The talent competitions of Team Everest have been conducted with the aim of discovering the raw talent hidden in every Indian village’s corner. They then bring the talent and show more of what they got in a much larger talent show. Through this, Team Everest has been able to instill confidence and encourage these kids to be successful in this competitive world.

Team Everest Talent conducts annual Talent content in:
• Mimicry
• Essay Writing
• Dance
• Singing
• Elocution or speech
• Thirukural recitation
• Quiz
• Bharathiyar and Bharathidasan songs narration and
• Drawing

Impact of Team Everest

These activities conducted by Team Everest across the Indian communities has made a great impact on the minds and hearts of the young and old generation. Kartheeban says “In a country like India with more than a billion people, imagine what we can do when each of us volunteer one day in a month”. Yes, imagine if we can volunteer even a few hours in a month and improve our society, community and country we will be able to achieve wonderful things.

We from Be Positive encourage you to volunteer with Team Everest and other Organisations. This experience will change your life and others for good. Enroll here –