How a scientist Maurice Devaraj could have a cure for Tuberculosis but no one is paying attention.

Tuberculosis (TB) has been known to kill millions of people each year around the globe and especially in India. Considering the fact that the disease has a possible cure, the fatality rates are quite disappointing. Many people tend to die because of the high cost of treatment, poor diagnosis methods, and the long period of treatment. To make matters worse, there has been an increase in drug-resistance among some tuberculosis patients, which raises the death rates from the disease.

The cure for tuberculosis, which will eliminate the problem, is therefore something that should be of high priority. This is especially true in India where many people continue to die of the disease.

Enter Maurice Devaraj

Maurice Devaraj may just be the best thing that this world needs with regard to finding the tuberculosis cure. This young man, who happens to be an Indian Scientist, has published his research findings, which are nothing short of groundbreaking. If the research is anything to go by, then Maurice Devaraj may just have found the cure for tuberculosis, which is great news for the whole world.

The unfortunate thing is that no one seems to be paying attention. Maurice has written to the Indian Government, large pharmaceutical companies, and medical boards to no avail! This young scientist is an entrepreneur who used his own money to fund the research. Why is there nobody to pay attention to him?

Cracking the Code for Tuberculosis: What the Groundbreaking Research Is All About

According to one of Maurice’s prior research and hypothesis, bacteria probably came about because of host cells, which recombined abnormally with a very negative impact. Another research, which includes tests done by Maurice, goes on to explain how the process of natural extinction may result in either evolution or extinction. Independent selection occurs within similar life forms while competitive ones occur within different life forms.

Maurice Devaraj’s research deals with independent selection, where life forms do not have any external enemies. According to him, survival rates in such cases are affected by internal factors of the organisms in question. Based on the research findings, it is then possible to conclude that natural selection causes a recombination of genes with an aim to creating superior mechanism. This however also causes negative recombination in genes, which are not viable together, which leads to lethal genes. These genes are therefore the cause of population checks, which result in fatalities thus allowing superior mechanisms within similar species to survive. The TB bacteria would fall under the lethal genes category. Therefore, the bigger the genetic distance between genes which are recombining, the more lethal the product becomes.

What the Maurice Devaraj Research means for the fight against Tuberculosis

Many implications arise from the research that Maurice Devaraj conducted. One major one is that mutation such as those within the TB are caused by the antibiotic themselves if the tuberculosis bacteria is in the process of dividing and not Random as currently though. Thus new finding gives new insight on how best to eliminate Tuberculosis.

The Way Forward

If the cure for Tuberculosis has been found based on the research by Maurice Devaraj, it would be great for the medical world to implement it. Will someone please sit and take notice?

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