Satya Nadella the new Microsoft’s CEO

Named as the third CEO of the dominating computer tech giant Microsoft, Satya Nadella enters a world of competition with emerging corporations and a changing landscape with a company that steadily innovates to keep up with trends. After twenty-two years as an employee, Nadella has been cited as being perfectly qualified in leading the company, even being welcomed publicly to his new role by company founder Bill Gates With all the attention thrown towards the new CEO, many are wondering who is the man, what is his story and what made him qualified to lead such a sizable portion of the consumer computer market.

The Indian-born engineer cut his teeth with Microsoft in the early 1990’s, helping to design software for many of Microsoft’s personal computers and gaming devices and most recently overseeing the development of their cloud services. In the kind of tight-knit community fostered by tech-based companies, his involvement in vital products and services offered by Microsoft made him a popular name at Redmond long before Nadella stepped into the public spotlight following the announcement of his promotion. With the changing face of the computer market as a whole and dwindling sales of Windows and Windows-run products, the need to change and innovate was at the forefront of the decision to hire Satya Nadella for the job, seeing him as the man to help change the company’s direction.

Sathya Nadella addressing Microsoft employees
Image: Sathya Nadella addressing Microsoft employees

Satya Nadella – Early Life

Having studied in Hyderabad in India, Nadella’s idealism and wide-eyed optimism were things classmates remember most of the boy they once played cricket with in between studies. It was in Hyderabad where he learned how to work in groups with his classmates, whether during work or play, considering the whole of the team rather than just himself for the sake of winning. Nadella went so far as to claim that the game of cricket taught him about “working in teams and leadership” than anything else. Classmates noted that Nadella always stood out from the crowd, seeking challenges regularly for the opportunity to do what others wouldn’t attempt. It was there in Hyderabad where Nadella met his wife. Anupama Nadella, a fellow classmate. On the heels of the announcement of his promotion, those who knew Nadella as a boy aren’t surprised but are clearly proud that the person they knew is taking on one of the most challenging jobs in the tech-services and production markets.

His vision for Microsoft’s future

Satya Nadella sees innovation as virtue, not just a guidebook for reading a company. Saying that he is a lifelong learner and lover of applying new knowledge, Nadella sees Microsoft as instrumental in helping to innovate the world of computing software and services through opportunity. Humbled in accepting the role, he says his first focus with Microsoft is learning what the company can do that no other can through purpose to the markets they serve in mobile and cloud services. “Everything is digital and software-driven,” Satya Nadella said in a Microsoft interview released to showcase his vision for the company. He’s confident they will see these hopes through because Microsoft had the platform and has always had the platform to change our ideas of what is possible through technology.

New Microsoft Logo
Image: New CEO, New Direction

We can all be proud of of Sathya Nadella, an Indian leading a company ranked 37 on Fortune’s ranking

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