Rajendran Mani Bodybuilding World Champion from India Ignored [VIDEO]

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Born in a poor family with 5 siblings Rajendran Mani is a body builder from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He has very little help in terms of Corporate Sponsorship or Government stipend. He is married and has children. He spends his own earnings for his training and supplements for body building. He has also served in the Indian Air Force for 15 years and has taken up body building after his retirement. He is an 8 time Mr.India and Champion of Champions in India.

VIDEO – Rajendran Mani wrapping his body in Indian flag after his Gold Medal

Rajendran Mani Bodybuilder
Rajendran Mani won the World Championship in men’s 90 kg event at the fifth World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships held in Budaors, Hungary. For winning the World Championship Rajendran Mani has still been ignored the recognition he deserves.

Rajendran Mani has struggled through a lot in life and comes from a financially backward family yet his love for Body Building has made him realise his dreams today.

Slide Show: Rajendran Mani


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