Major Mukund and Sepoy Vikram – This story will break your heart

Indians were shocked on Friday evening to learn that Major Mukund Varadarajan and Sepoy Vikram Singh were killed in an encounter with terrorists in Kashmir. A statement issued by the military said, the army on Friday afternoon launched an attack in Karewa Manlo village after receiving information from the residents that there were militants in a house. Moments later after starting the operation, gunfire broke between the army and the militants leaving several people dead and scores of other injured. Sepoy Vikram Singh died during the encounter and major, who sustained serious injuries, succumbed while he was being rushed to the hospital.

Major Mukund and Sepoy Vikram Singh laid to rest

While Sepoy Vikram Singh body was sent to his village in Haryana, Major Mukund was laid to rest on Monday in Chennai. Thousands of people turned up to pay their last tribute to a man who was loved by many for his commitment to serve his country. State governor K Rossiah also expressed his grief over Mukund’s death. The Major, who hails from Tambaram, joined the 22 Rajput after receiving training at OTC, Officers’ Training Academy. He has left behind a wife and a 3 year old daughter.

Sacrifices of Indian Armed Forces

This is one of the many stories of soldiers who leave their families behind to be in war zones. They volunteer, everyone of them knowing that they may be caught in the middle of fire exchange. They don’t spend quality time with their families like we do. What they are busy with is doing whatever they can to ensure we never endure another Mumbai attack. The stories about soldiers and their families, as well as the burden they go through, are emotive. The stories of missed anniversaries, birthdays, family gatherings and celebrations, cannot begin to account for what our soldiers give for their country.

The memories of Major Mukund and many other brave men and women who gave their lives for our country will live forever. As they willingly sacrifice their lives, they reflect the love that our forefathers praised. We owe our freedom to them.

His wife Indhu Rebecca Varghese’s ode to him

His wife left a touching tribute on her Facebook page.

There lived a man who loved me with all his heart…
There lived a man who fathered my child….
There lived a man who believed in integrity….
There lived a man who loved his profession….
There lived a man who never feigned to be a hero….
There lived a man who was my soul….
There lived a man with a heart full of generosity…
There lived a man who revealed all to me….
There lived a man who loved me with his life…..
But … I wait…..
for he is with god..
I know this for sure..
One day I will meet him…
I know this for sure…
And he will give me that warm strong hug of his
I know this for sure…
And I will not complain that I can’t breath
I know this for sure
You can hug me..hug me all you want….


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