Inspiring Story of Shahrukh Khan – Looking beyond SRK movies, glitz and glamour

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Shahrukh Khan in an interview at the Think 2012 event explained an incident with his father.

One day his father had promised to take him to a movie.
They walked to the cinema but his father instead going in asked Shahrukh to sit down in a roundabout on the road.
He came back with a snack and sat down next to him and said let’s watch the cars go by.
He added “This is the best enjoyment than any movie”.
Shahrukh was perplexed. When he came back home and told this to his Mom,
his mom said your Dad had no money and thats the reason he did that.

Train to Peshawar

In the same interview in Think 2012 he explains another personal incident.
When Shahrukh was 14 his father took him to Qissa Khawani Bazaar in Peshawar, Pakistan.
During the entire trip his father was so enthusiastic so full of energy.
He would explain to his son the simple, yet happy and fulfilling life he had here when he grew up.
When they reached his fathers relatives had asked him to give up his share of the ancestral lands.
Shahrukh recollects how his Dad was so heart broken and as they were crossing the border between Pakistan and India
he felt he neither belonged here nor there.

Three months later his father died of cancer when Khan was 15 years old.

From bad to worse

His sister Shehnaz Khan who was very attached to their father went into a deep depression seeing him dead.
She never spoke for several years and the condition worsened after their mother’s death 10 years later.
Shehnaz still lives with SRK and his family.

Shahrukh Khan's Parents
Shahrukh and his Family

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