Inspiring Story of Shahrukh Khan – Looking beyond SRK movies, glitz and glamour

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All that you see today is the glitz and the glamour in Shahrukh Khan ‘s life.
Many do not know King Khan has a truly inspiring rags to riches story.
A look at what defines Shahrukh Khan aka SRK, what drives him to give us blockbuster movies.

Shahrukh Khan - Life of Glitz and Glamour
Story of Shahrukh Khan

Early Life

SRK was born to an Indian Freedom Fighter Taj Mohammed Khan (also a lawyer) and Lateef Fatima, a magistrate.He grew up in Delhi. Shahrukh attended St. Columba’s School and the Hansraj College earning his Bachelors degree in Economics.He also has a Masters Degree in Mass Communications at Jamia Millia Islamia.

Shahrukh Khan's Parents
Shahrukh Khan’s Parents

Shahrukh Khan's Parents

Shahrukh Khan's Parents
New born Shahrukh with Dad and Sister Shehnaz

Shahrukh’s Dad

Shahrukh Khan’s father came to New Delhi from Qissa Khawani Bazaar in Peshawar (now in Pakistan) before the 1947 partition of India.
According to Shahrukh Khan his Dad was “the most successful failure”.
As one of the youngest freedom fighters he was very idealistic.
A lawyer by education who could never practice law since it involved lying.
He instead chose to run a canteen. He often struggled to make ends meet and
there were times they entire family was thrown out of the house for not paying rent.

Shahrukh’s Mom

Lateef Fatima was on the other hand a very pragmatic and optimistic person.
She told things as they were and was instrumental in shaping Shahrukh future.
After their fathers death his mother had to work hard to make ends meet and also educate her children.

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