Jim Carrey from cleaning toilets to hollywoods funny man

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Jim Carrey’s not so funny childhood

Jim Carrey From cleaning toilets to hollywoods funny man – The life of this funny man that we know has one of the most inspiring rag to riches story in Hollywood. Jim came from a very poor family that used to live in a van to earn $20 million a movie.

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Early Life

Born in Ontario, Canada to Kathleen and Percy Carrey on January 17, 1962 Mr Carrey went on to become one of the most successful comedians in Hollywood.

Jim had a childhood in poverty when his father lost his job. Jim had taken up a full time job in a tire factory and worked 8 hours after school. He later had to quit school at age 16 to help support his family as a janitor and also helped care for his mother who battled a severe, chronic illness.

Even at this lowest point in his life Jim Carrey never stopped dreaming of one day becoming a comedian. He would stand in front of the mirror in his room and do impressions of different people in his life.

Professional Career

Early Career
His Dad Percy Carrey who wanted to be a musician himself while struggling to obtain work and make a name for himself, was a great support and was constantly encouraging Jim. Mr.Percy took him to Toronto driving all the way to debut at comedy club Yuk Yuk’s. Jim’s impersonations bombed and this gave him doubts about his capability as a professional entertainer.
After his family were out of their financial hardships Jim started doing a more polished act and slowly gained regular paid shows. He was being reviewed in several local Toronto newspaper that proclaimed his as a “star”. He then moved to Las Vegas and eventually Hollywood.

Video: Interview on Inside The Actors Studio – Jim Carrey talks about childhood, his dad and his roles, in his own funny way.

Jim Carrey – From cleaning toilets to hollywood’s funny man

His early Hollywood was also ridden with several failures until he landed the lead role in the slapstick comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in 1994. The movie went on to become block buster hit. It made $107 million worldwide but was made with a budget of $11 million. Then came “The Mask” and “Dumb and Dumber” to bring him world wide fame.

In his interview at the Inside the Actors Studio, he said he made himself a check for 5 million dollar even before he made it big in 1990 and when is father passed away in 1994 he placed the check in his casket as a tribute to the man who always believed in him and made him what he was.