Jane Elliott – A teacher explains discrimination to 7-8 year olds (and YOU)


Day in day out we call people names, it might be your wife , brother, friends, colleagues or that girl in the bus stop. We might find it very funny, but we fail to understand the pain it causes them. Discrimination takes several forms – Religion, Caste, Sex, Color of Skin, Region, etc.

Jane Elliot (born May 27, 1933, Riceville, Iowa)[citation needed] is an American (former) schoolteacher, an anti-racism activist and educator, though also a feminist and LGBT activist. In this video Jane Elliot explains the concept of discrimination to 7-8 year children. This experiment/video was done in the 1960s young children.

The 15 minutes you spend on this video will be well worth!

Video: Jane Elliot explains discrimination

Next time you before you make fun of someone (discriminate) or call them names thing about this video!