The inspiring life of Helen Keller

The inspiring life of Helen Keller

In 1882 there was a girl who became ill with a fever that was about to die. She survived but the sequences were, she could not see or hear. Because she could not hear either she could speak .

Helen Keller
Image: Helen Keller
Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Alabama , daughter of a newspaper editor . Before her illness, she was a girl with a lot of vitality and good health, and an
outgoing personality . Could walk and even say a few words. She got a fever from the people , leaving her unable to see the light and unable to hear the sounds . When she was six, her parents hired an Irish governess , Ann Sullivan , who taught her sign language and would mark a radical change in her life.

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Helen Keller

Later, along with her governess , she pursued special studies at the institution Horace Man School for the Deaf , in Boston , and at the Wright- Humason Oral School in New York. They not only learn to speak , read and write, but are trained to pursue higher education . Always accompanied by A. Sullivan , from 1900-1904 , she completed her training at the Radcliffe College , graduating with the words ” cum laude ” . After graduation, Keller made several trips to Europe and Africa.

Her published work is essentially autobiographical. Her books soon became an example of tenacity and resistance to ailments any of life, especially physical . Her publications include The Story of My Life ( 1902 ) Optimism, 1903 , The world in which I live ( 1908 ) -book that earned international fame and in which she describes the contrast between the wealth of intimate life; Song of the stone Wall, 1910; Out of the Darkness, 1913, My religion , 1927 , the middle of a stream , 1929; Peace dusk, 1932, the Journal of Hellen Keller , 1938, and Let us have faith , 1940.

In 1934, Keller had the opportunity to return the favors rendered and persistent dedication to her governess A. Sullivan when she lost her sight unexpectedly. Keller also published some articles in the press and in professional journals.

Hellen is famous

She traveled throughout the country, giving numerous lectures . She wrote many books on it and made several plays and films about her life . She became famous , was invited by many countries and received many titles of Honor of foreign universities and monarchs ( kings ) . In 1932 she became Vice President of the Royal Institute for the Blind in the United Kingdom.
After her death in 1968 , an organization was created in her memory to help the blind in the developing world . Today that institution is called Helen Keller International, is one of the largest organizations working with blind people worldwide .

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An inspiring role

It is important to remember that without the help of Helen Keller we could not do what she did alone. Hellen relied heavily on Anne Sullivan , who accompanied her to any site for nearly fifty years. Without her faith in her teacher, Hellen probably would have been isolated and lost in a confusing world .
Also , there is no question that Helen was unique, extremely intelligent, sensitive and determined. It was the first deaf blind person who has shown people what she has been able to do with her life.