Inspirational Story of IAS Officer Nirish Rajput

If you are interested in reading an inspirational story showcasing the strength of the human spirit and one man’s willpower to never quit, then look no further. The inspirational story of IAS Officer Nirish Rajput is one for the ages. With the odds stacked against him, Nirish Rajput managed to persevere until he finally won hard-earned success.

Son of a Tailor

Nirish Rajput, the son of a poor tailor, dreamed of one day leaving the Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh to join the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). To reach his goal, Nirish Rajput studied hard and simultaneously worked various odd jobs to support himself. At one point he sold newspapers to make money. During this time, Nirish Rajput lived in an approximately 300 square foot home. Nirish refused to let his modest beginnings dampen his desire to join the illustrious IAS.

Friends betray

To prepare for the civil service examinations, Nirish moved to Uttrakhand with friends. In Uttrakhand, Nirish helped his friends create a coaching institute and continued his studies for the civil service examinations. His friends eventually decided Nirish was no longer needed so they kicked him out of their business, leaving Nirish to fend for himself. Now unemployed and homeless, Nirish faced the dire possibility of a future full of hunger and worry. Nirish refused to give up, in his opinion he had no other option than to continue fighting.

Soon after his difficult experiences in Uttrakhand, Nirish moved to Delhi to continue his studies. Nirish befriended a student named Ankit who was preparing for his own entrance exams. Motivated by the prospect of becoming an IAS officer, Nirish began studying 18 hours per day with the help of Ankit’s textbooks and notes. Nirish could not afford to attend classes or hire a coach so he relied solely upon his own ingenuity and hard work. Nirish knew that hard work and discipline would pay off in the long run so he remained optimistic about his future.

Never Give Up

Eventually, Nirish Rajput took the IAS entrance exam and failed. In fact, Nirish took the entrance exam three times, and failed all three times. After three failures, many people would likely give up and move on with their lives. Nirish refused to give up and planned to take the exam a fourth time. With essentially no formal schooling, this poor boy from the Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh finally prevailed! On his fourth attempt, Nirish passed the IAS exam and could now become an IAS officer!

With his new found success, Nirish brought honor and respect to his father, Virendra. Virendra, a poor tailor, hoped that one day his children would find more success in the world than he did. As a father, Virendra dreamed of providing his children with a solid education that would nourish their hearts and encourage their desire to be successful. After Nirish repeatedly failed the IAS entrance exam, it was his father that encouraged him to try again. Truly, Virendra enabled Nirish’s tenacious victory over poverty.

Nirish Rajput never gave up on his dream of becoming an IAS officer. He worked hard, overcame poverty and adversity, and surpassed the expectations of just about everyone. It is important to remember that you too can accomplish anything you set your mind to, so follow your dreams and work hard!