Govind Jaiswal IAS – Son of a Rikshawala from Varanasi

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      Here is the story of Govind Jaiswal IAS Officer, son of a rikshawala from Varanasi who was driven by ambition and steely focus to change his family’s life through education. Govind Jaiswal was an average student until age 11 when an incident changed his life.

Govind Jaiswal’s childhood -Being the son of a Rikshawala

When he was at a affluent friends house, his friends Dad was so furious that he was mixing with his son yelled –
“How dare you come here and mix with my son; don’t you know who you are and where you belong?” …
This hurt Govind deeply and made him question “What should I do to make people to respect me?”. The answer came down one thing Indian Administrative Services (IAS). This was one education that needed no money or high level recommendations to get into.Govind’s dad Narayan Jaiswal used to work in a Government ration shop bringing home a decent salary until the shop close and he lost his job. Mr Narayan bought several rickshaws and rented them out. Mr Narayan bought small plots of land with his financial gains in business. With three daughters to marry off, he knew he would need it in times to come. But bad times soon befell the family. His wife passed away when Govind was in school. For 10 years there was acute hardship. The rickshaws dwindled, the plots of land were sold for his daughters marriage and eventually Mr Narayan had to pull rickshaw himself to make ends meet.
Govind Jaiswal IAS- Son of a Rikshawala
Image1: IAS Officer Govind Jaiswal

Preparing for IAS

His dad sold his only piece of land and gave Govind Rs 40,000 to prepare for his Civil Services exam in New Delhi and pursue his dream. For the next three years, he sent his son between Rs 2,500 and Rs 3,000 every month, sometimes foregoing the expense of treating the septic wound in his foot that continues to nag him till today. Govind had to take tuitions to afford his living expenses in Delhi. Govind worked very hard sometime 18 hours a day.

Govind Jaiswal, IAS – TV Interview

Govind Jaiswal, IAS was IAS Topper

Govind ranked 48th in Civil Service Examination in 2006 – among 474 candidates and this was his first attempt! When he got the news of clearing the Civil Services Exam, tears ran down his face and refused to stop. He waited till the tears dried up, till the news sunk in and made that one phone call to break the news that would change the future of his entire family.

Govind Jaiswal with his Dad Narayan Jaiswal
Proud Dad and Son

His hero is President A P J Abdul Kalam. “After Gandhiji, President Kalam has given us a dream and the power to dream. His dream is of a developed India and he is a symbol of many common people’s dreams.” say Mr Govind Jaiswal IAS.

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