Eleven years old Indian girl Vishalini has the highest IQ in the world

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Indian girl has the highest IQ in the world

Intelligence is a very broad concept, which has been erroneously categorized to make it more practical. Generally is targeted to people who have capacities useful to society and that this has been recognized and quantified (with IQ test) but the truth is that intelligence is the ability to address a situation, whether it is useful or not. This is why everyone is able to develop intelligence. In fact, I think statistically and if you could somehow quantify the ability or intelligence of every person is the same one that focused on different areas.
Talking about intelligence a great example comes to break the IQ limits.
K. Vishalini, Tirunelveli, TamilNadu, 11-year old young female from a village in Tamilnadu , has the largest IQ in the World. She will be eligible for an entry in the Guinness only after she turns 14.

11 year old Vishalini from Tirunelveli has has the highest IQ in the world

So what if she cannot formally assert the Guinness Record till she turns 14 years old? So what are her achievements? You will be surprised but they are true:
Vishalini’s IQ is round 225. It is higher than that of the Guinness record holder, Kim Ung-Yong, whose IQ is round 210.
She has passed Microsoft declared expert and Cisco declared mesh aide (CCNA) with more than 90% when she was just 10 years old – a world record again. (The preceding record was held by a 12-year-old boy from Pakistan, Irtaza Haider).

She frequently now gets asked for for “guest addresses” on technology topics at worldwide conferences and by prestigious organizations like the National Institute of expertise.

Both NITK of Mangalore and Kalasalingam technology school are now more than prepared to welcome Vishalini. But her parents desire the young female to enjoy her childhood for the next three years before conceiving of going into a school campus.

11 yr old Indian young female Vishalini has the largest IO in the world:(If you think this story is significant or interesting, delight share it,so she might get focus:

  • She has a tested IQ of 225, much higher than the present World record holder Kim Ung-Yong, a mature person, whose IQ is around 210.
  • She has passed Microsoft declared expert and Cisco declared Network Associate (CCNA) with more than 90% when she was just 10 years old a world record afresh. (The previous record was held by a 12-year-old young man from Pakistan, Irtaza Haider)
  • She frequently now gets invited for “guest lectures” on Engineering topics at worldwide seminars and by prestigious institutions like the nationwide Institute of expertise.
  • She is being wooed by Engineering schools to get her degree. But her father Mr. Kumaraswamy, an electrician, wants her to enjoy her childhood first which she can never get bored of.

We desire her the very best in getting the world record for her IQ when she turns 14. She will decisively make all her people proud. Go ahead girl, you can do even better!