Indian Tycoon Azim Premji takes up the Giving Pledge and donated 2.3 Billion dollars to Charity

Azim Premji’s Wipro is the third largest software exporter in India. He is a legendary figure in the Indian Business arena. He had the vision to go from edible oils to soap, to computer software and many more industries ,well he is not doing bad at all.

Azim Premji takes up the Giving Pledge

He has appeared in the

  • Fortune – 25 most powerful business leaders outside the United States in 2003
  • Forbes – 10 most powerful to change the world in 2003
  • Times – Global 100 Most influential rich people in 2004
  • Forbes – With a fortune worth $ 13.3 billion , was ranked in position number 25 in Richest People list, to become India’s richest man in 2004

Azim Premji – Giving Pledge

Days after tech tycoon Azim Premji officially announced he’d marked the Giving Pledge, the Indian billionaire made his large-scale philanthropic donation ever: Premji, ranked as India’s third most wealthy person with a treasure of over $13 billion, announced Friday that he is donating $2.3 billion, or a 12% stake, in his IT outsourcer Wipro, to a believer to finance his education-focused Azim Premji Foundation.

Big Think Interview With Azim Premji

The donation of 295.5 million portions brings down Premji’s stake in Wipro from 70% to 58% and rises the charitable trust’s retaining in the company to close to 20%. The billionaire’s newest act of charity arrives on top of a primary $125 million worth of portions in Wipro that he had earmarked to start the base in 2001, followed by his gifting portions worth $2 billion to the trust three years before which had made him Asia’s most generous philanthropist.
This is the second large donation after delivering nearly 2,000 million to charity in 2010 and comes shortly after Premji ‘s accession to the campaign “Giving Pledge”, commissioning by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and U.S. investor Warren Buffet . The donation will fund training programs for Indian teachers and school construction, according to a statement released on Saturday .

Azim Premji said “The richest should contribute significantly to try to create a better world for the millions of people who do not have their privileges” when he joined Giving Pledge.