Armstrong Pame – The IAS Officer who raised money on Facebook to build a road for his people

The People’s Road

Video: Tears of Joy!

He has mobilized grownups, elderly and children alike to build a 100-km road crossing the most backward areas in Manipur. Pame and his family have donated from their income to see their efforts bear fruit. The money is mostly spent on the food of the volunteers and oil used to operate the road-laying machinery. His endeavor has found support in NRIs as well as other countrymen who have given their individual contributions to the project.

Armstrong Pame ‘s noble work, in a short period of time, has earned him fame and he is now called The Miracle Man. He is an epitome of selfless intentions and deeds. This IAS officer who belongs to Zeme, a Scheduled Tribe, not just has made his tribesmen proud, but the entire country as well.