Armstrong Pame – The IAS Officer who raised money on Facebook to build a road for his people

A remote village

His village is isolated from the outside world due to lack of good roads and is about 50 km away from Tamenglong. It would normally take him 2 days to reach the main road by walking from where he lived. He has always remembered this and strived to make a great difference at the first opportunity.
The 2009 batch IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer is the man who was active in single-handedly taking on the project of constructing the road without any state government help. The 100-km road, People’s Road, connects Tousem with other areas of Manipur as well as with Nagaland and Assam.
In 2012, Pame became SDM of Tousem and he visited many villages and saw how people were walking for hours, carrying sacks of rice on their backs as well as patients being taken on improvised bamboo stretchers because there are no motorable roads. When he asked villagers what they wanted him to do for them, they only wished for a road. Armstrong Pame was moved by the difficulty of people when he noticed how they had to walk for 5 hours by first crossing a river and then a stretch to reach Tamenglong.

People's Road
Image: People working on “their” Road

According to him, he asked the government for funds to construct the road, but his proposal was rejected due to lack of resources. However, he was really moved by the needs of people, so he decided to raise the funds on his own through Facebook. His efforts were seen by many and thus, the funds needed to build the road were quickly raised.