Annette Gabbedey – How This Lady Makes Jewellery Is Nothing Short Of Amazing. You Have To See It.

Steve Jobs changed the way we view our world and communicate with others. J. K. Rowling, a once a struggling mother inspired single mothers everywhere after creating six novels which became best-sellers over the course of 10 years–and inspired even more popular movie series. Annette Gabbedey is a extremely talented jeweler who creates intricate and extravagant pieces of jewellery despite being born without any fingers. She has inspired thousands all over the world with her ability to never take no for an answer. Annette’s name has become a synonym for timeless jewelry full of elegance with each piece set in precious and semi precious stones.

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Making intricate jewellery without hands

Annette grew up with support and encouragement from her family to get out there and figure things out, so she did. At the age of 24, Annette moved to Somerset, and began her studies in jewelry crafting, before going on to train from some of the best names in jewelry of London’s Hatton Garden. 20 years later, Annette has one of the most prestige reputations in Britain, specializing in Australian opals and fine craftsmanship.
This expert goldsmith does not use any special tools, despite her lack of fingers. Although many question how she is able to present thousands of delicate earrings, bracelets, and rings inserted with opals, diamonds, and other precious pearls–her reply remains the same: “My answer to that is always how in the world do you manage to do that with fingers? They must get in the way!”.

Annette Gabbedey
Annette Gabbedey

The amazing artist works from her workshop in Frome, Somerset designing and manufacturing brilliant bespoke pieces, while clients browse her catalog, choose from pieces of her private collection, as well as the collections of other designers which Annette supports. As inspiring as she is to many others with handicaps, severe amputations, and birth defects, Annette Gabbedey insists she is quite normal and not disabled at all–though she does appreciate the fascination of others who she may inspire to do the same. If you find yourself conforming to the world and its ways the way many others have simply fallen in line, you will always live a normal life–just as everyone else, and continue to live your life in that way. If you struggle with your constraints, hurdles, disappointments, and complexities your balance of happiness and achievement will become limited by the restraints of your own willingness and set of beliefs. Annette Gabbedey was able to fulfill her life without limitation, by living through her true capabilities, abilities, freedom of expression, dreams and desires.