Anil Joshi – Saving rain water 1 Rs at a time

The adage “Little drops of water make a might ocean” has been proven right by the Ayurveda doctor named Anil Joshi kin the Madhya Pradesh Fatehgarh village. He is the person who had collected 1 rupee in each lakh people. After that, he established check dam on the local seasonal river named Somli which eventually changed the farmers’ lives.

In 1994, Joshi had his clinic built in that village and there he developed closed family ties with its local persons. He became much concerned with these individuals whenever successive droughts brought up abject poverty within that village. In 2008, his village experienced the worst water scarcity and drought that made the life of the farmers more difficult. That time, Joshi eventually felt like establishing check dam crossing the Somli River to support the villagers. This will be done through raising the table of the ground water in their area.

As one of the Mandsaur residents, he saw his great old days whenever the rain is sufficient while farmers harvest enough in order to support their family needs. In 1999, these things eventually changed as the rainfall started to decrease. In the first place, Joshi failed to convince the villagers about his idea. In fact, the people considered it as his joke and laughed at it. However, Joshi was still determined to continue his plan for the goodness sake of the whole community.

He then borrowed almost one thousand empty sacks of cement from his friend. He filled these sacks with sand. After that, he stood at the center of river Somli. In his waist, there is rope that is tied around it while his friends have been holding rope on both ends. Within 15 days, they were lucky enough that it rained. Thus, the water filled a portion of the check dam enough to recharge their ground water that surrounds the areas.
After witnessing his own success, Joshi decided to see the jewels of his wife the other year. He then borrowed money to build another check dam on the river Somli. He was also fortunate of having supportive family members when it comes to his works and decisions.

In 2010, Joshi came up with an idea of having a rupee from every village to construct a check dam that would be permanently established in the river Somli. He thought that the dam has been the ultimate solution to permanently end up the situation of drought in his village.
Within 3 hours of the first day of collection, he collected Rs 36 as he visited each door to ask for support in his plan. The second day of the collection came up with Rs 120. However, due to the Hindi daily reporter who stated by his work, he was able to receive big support from two teachers named Omprakash Mehta and Sundarlal Prajapat.

Through their help, Joshi and the villagers worked together to establish the check dam permanently at the amount of Rs 92, 000. The life of the villagers eventually changed after completing the plan made by Joshi. That became the good start for the village to support their daily needs.