Amazing! This story will warm your heart [VIDEO] Chennai Heart Transplant

With so much negativity in the news lately, it is always pleasing to hear about people doing good deeds for others, not because they want the accolades that come with doing something unselfish, but because they know it is the right thing to do.

On June 17, 2014, the police force in Chennai, India, as well as doctors from two different hospitals, did their best to help save the life of a young woman, who had been waiting for a heart donor for over a month, and finally got one at the last minute.

Twenty one year old Hivovi Minocherhomji, was diagnosed with end-stage heart failure, which requires a heart transplant to survive, with a lot of people on the list having to wait numerous months to find a match. The family of a man in a fatal accident, who was pronounced dead at the Rajiv Ghandi Government Hospital, decided to donate his organs, including his heart.

Video: Coverage on Focus News (Hindi)

Fortunately for Hivovi Minocherhomji, test results revealed that his heart was a match for her, the only problem was that a heart that has been harvested, has to be transplanted within four hours, so the hospital had to figure out a way to have it transported to the Fortis Malar Hospital, which is twelve kilometers away, in the middle of rush hour traffic.

The hospitals contacted the Chennai police, and asked for their assistance in getting the donor heart to the Fortis Malar Hospital in time to save the life of the young woman, and the police responded by stationing 26 officers at multiple intersections, to ensure that the ambulance would make it to the hospital on time. The police officers were able to clear a path for the ambulance, which made it to the Fortis Malar Hospital in an amazing 14 minutes, which allowed the doctors to perform the transplant.

The surgery was successful, and the patient’s parents are happy and very grateful for all the help and support they received. Her mother thanked the family of the donor for their courage, and the kindness they showed by helping strangers out while dealing with their own grief. Her father echoed his wife’s sentiments, and expressed gratitude to the people who were responsible in helping his daughter get the heart transplant.

Image: 1. Loganathan’s mother Rajalakshmi (in blue) at the RGGGH on Monday. 2-3. Officials carrying Loganathan’s heart to the ambulance. 4. Parents of the recipient. 5. A police vehicle piloting the ambulance through the green corridor. 6. The ambulance driver Kathir Vel being congratulated. 7. Officials escorting the heart into the hospital. 8. Loganathan (inset) | R Satish Babu, Albin Mathew and P Jawahar
Image Credit: New Indian Express

There is a lot of praise to spread around with a story like this, the donor’s family, who made a very generous decision at a dark time for them, the police officers, who sometimes don’t get the recognition they deserve for the work they do, being able to clear a very busy street, in a short amount of time, despite the fact that it was rush hour, the citizens who pulled over to the side to let the ambulance through, and of course, the doctors, who managed to save the young woman’s life.

The Chennai City Traffic Police’s Green Channel for organ transplants was started in 2008 when the Tamil Nadu Organ Transplant Program was initiated. The green corridor has held good over the years and has helped 75 patient lives with successful heart transplant. Currently this is the only city that has this sort of a system in India

This story shows the kindness of the human spirit, no matter how bad things might get, stories like this let us know there is still some good in the world, and it deserves to be celebrated.