On the front pages of newspapers and in the top stories on news programs, the majority of the stories tell tales that are bleak, negative and frightening. The negativity in the news can have a profound effect on your life, even if you’re not aware of it. By darkening your view of humanity and the state of the world, mainstream news can leave you feeling depressed, hopeless and even lonely.

The truth is that there are just as many positive stories to be discovered in this world if you know where to look. Unfortunately, with the media’s obsession on negativity, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to search for those stories that will raise your spirits, warm your heart and renew your faith in mankind.

Be Positive was founded to make positive, inspirational news stories more easily accessible to you. We scour press releases, magazines, online websites, local news stations and local newspapers, searching for stories with a positive theme. We take the best of the best of those happy news stories and post them here on our site, giving you one place to visit to get your positive news.

The format of our good news stories here at Be Positive has been chosen to make it easy to share our featured news with friends and family. With just one click, you can spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, and you can subscribe to our RSS Feed for update alerts.

We hope you’ll be inspired to be more positive as you explore our site and that you will visit us frequently to read our latest positive news stories. If you have a question about our website or would like to share a news story with us, please get in touch with us using our Contact page.

“If you are complaining about things in your life, you are on the complaining frequency, and you are not in a position to attract what you want. Get on to the frequency of good with your thoughts and words. Firstly you will feel good, and secondly you will be on the frequency of receiving more good.” ~Rhonda Byrne


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