Abdul Muqeet – 10 year old boy saving environment by making paper bags

Given the deterioration of the environment and natural resource scarcity, young people all over the world have begun to express greater concern and awareness on issues like global warming, organic consumption and energy expenditure. Meanwhile, young people feel that the food and beverage industry is the one that should take further action to protect the environment, and among the actions that are implemented to help in the daily highlight the use of ecological bags or alternative means instead of the self as well as domestic measures to save water and energy.
A great example of them is the 10-year-old Indian young man in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is doing his own bit to save the natural environment. Every day, he makes paper sacks and distributes them to the supermarkets, stores and several shopping centers.

Abdul Muqeet begun his task when he was only eight years old. Abdul’s father clarified to him the contradictory influence, that the non-biodegradable plastic sacks have on the environment and all the planet.
This commanded Abdul to think about eco-friendly concepts — what he could do in person and how he could get other persons to proceed into that and cooperate with him, the Gulf News described.
Abdul Muqeet 10 year old boy saving environment by making paper bags

Abdul Muqeet obtained an accolade from General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crest Prince of Abu Dhabi. Every day after school time, Abdul started making sacks from vintage newspapers. In two years, he has made and circulated about 4,500 bags to be utilized in shopping centers, stores and shopping centers.

“I make 10-15 sacks a day, except in writing test days,” Abdul said with pride and smile.

His schoolmates have nicknamed the bags “Abdul Muqeet Bags”, and his popularly renowned as the “paper bag boy”, something seemed not to bother him, on the contrary he feels proud of it.

Abdul has been never timid about halting an outsider in a supermarket to consign his message and make people understand that being eco friendly is not only helping the environment but also help yourself.. He waits at the checkout counters and courteously inquires for a minute of their time to converse about the natural environment. “I notify them that recycling of one tonne of paper keeps 17 trees,” he said to many of the clients.

Abdul has held several demonstrations in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, Khalidiya shopping center, Jimi Mall in Al Ain, Dubai Carnival City and Dubai Marina Mall.

His mother Andaleeb Fatima said Abdul has received several awards for his firm pledge to ecological conservation. His parents now accompany him to his demonstrations around India. “When we glimpsed his enthusiasm, we liked to nurture his interest. I desire to tell mothers that every progeny can give back to the community,” she said.
Abdul Muqeet 10 year with Mother

Well there is nothing else to do than felicitate Abdul and try to follow his example. In order for the environment to keep us alive and healthy, we have to provide it caring and respect.