61 year old granny does it – Whats your excuse?

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For all those who complain about things they don’t have in life and excuses you give to achieve your dream here is a story for you. A 61 year old sari clad Lata Bhagwan Kare runs Baramati marathon without any gear (shoes, tracks) and wins in the senior citizen category. The even more surprising factor is she has never run a marathon before in her life and never trained for this marathon. She knew about it a few days before the marathon and decided to participate.

61 year old Lata Bhagwan Kare wins Baramati marathon
Image: 61 year old Lata Bhagwan Kare wins Baramati marathon

When she was at the start line other participants gave her weird looks since she was standing there in her sari but slowly she overtook every one.
She initially ran with her slippers, but she did away with them a few metres into the race, when one of them slipped out and she decided to abandon the other one.

When asked about her win she said,
“When I came to know about the competition, I decided to participate in the event. I gathered courage and informed my son that I wanted to run the Marathon. Initially, he gave me a weird look as in his opinion it was not possible, given my age. But I was determined, so he finally gave in,”

“I used to go for morning walks daily, but I had never run. If I had even tried to run, people would have found it strange and they would have asked me uncomfortable questions,” Kare says. She tells the paper she felt “a little awkward” at the starting line as the other participants were staring at her outfit. “However, when the race began and I started overtaking them one by one, I gained my energy.” Throughout the 3 km race, she kept telling herself she wanted to win – “And I did it.” She says she’d like to take part in more races, but “only god knows whether I remain as strong then as I am today”.

Moral of the Story: Stop giving excuses and start working on your Dream! If you want it you can do it.